Hi Friends!

Oh this family! Too darling for words! I just love them and how they have filled our pages with their beautiful family over the years! This was the first session I have been a part of where the parents shared a special announcement with their kids! Just loved their reactions and am so very excited for their growing family!! :)
Egans! just a lot of amazing adventures headed your way, and we are so thankful to have witnessed the beginning of them!!
Much joy!

Fran Egan says:

Love these sweet pics!! Thank you so much, Alea!!

(10.23.14 @ 07:43 AM)
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Hi friends, 

I have been so impressed lately by the proposal stories of my couples. How these sweet boys have gone to such lengthy steps to make sure their proposal is beyond special to their ladies and the hardest part by keeping it a surprise. My favorite part is also hearing how they incorporated their families. For such a special moment for the two of them, how it also gets to be shared with the closeness of family, which is no easy task having that many people involved in such a big secret. As a mom of four girls, I can only imagine how special it is to to get to be involved and a part of the celebrating. 
For Chris and Merelise, there was a lot of family, a lot of coordinating, and a lot of heart that went into their engagement. From a very specific day of engagement timeline, to restaurant reservations, to Chris even asking Merelise's work for time off so they could have a couple extra days to celebrate, there was no stone left unturned to make this such a memorable moment in their history. I was truly so impressed and so thankful to have heard their love story. Even more, just so very thankful to get to be their photographer! 
I am so excited to share their engagement session. We had a fun adventure in an old runned down mansion in atlanta, giving us such unique nooks and crannies to work with. 

Merelise and Chris, just adore you both and your love story. I am so excited to share these photos of such a fun afternoon, and certainly can NOT wait until the wedding next summer!!!

much joy!

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Hi Friends, 
This shoot has literally been over a year in the making! Im so excited to share Margie and Drew, their beautiful love story, and such a fun shoot that I was beyond thrilled to work alongside the uber talented Molly McKinley as she styled such a lovely scene for us! Margie and Drew were our love story giveaway winners, and as I got to know them better, I can see how they were much deserved winners. There story is unique in that they both were going down completely different paths, different people, different places, and somehow their paths crossed, and ever since they were inseparable. 
My favorite part of their story was a sailing trip across the world. With stops in South America all the way to New Zealand. Among the very many interesting stories they shared over our time together, I could have listened to them talk about this adventure until the sun went down. We practically did. So, their shoot was inspired around their sailing adventure. Though lake lanier isn't as vast as the ocean, it was still such a beautiful set for our shoot. I felt as if the whole thing was a dream, and how much I loved experiencing just a glimpse of something so amazing that they get say is part of the history together. 
Well, all of this came together, and I am so excited to share the results. I hope you will be as enamored by the story as I was!
Margie and Drew, I know it is something I say a lot about my clients, but I am truly so thankful and feel so blessed to have met you both.  I loved your kind of funny and you two truly do have the most amazing hearts. Thank you for letting me be a part of something so special! Happy Anniversary!

Thank you sweet Molly and Taylor for putting together such a fun vision! and thank you to Margie and Drew's sweet friends who shared their beautiful sailboat and sailed us into the sunset. ;) 

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Hi Friends!
When preparing for an engagement session, our hope is to create a session that allows the couple to say comfortable, focusing on things they love, taking an adventure, and hopefully capturing a glimpse into who they really are individually and as a couple. It is quite a task because unlike a wedding where things are naturally happening non-stop, and engagement session usually has it where I have to tell them what to do the whole time. 
When Katie shared with me that Forest had proposed to her on their sailboat, the whole story sounds so romantic and sweet that it seemed to be a perfect setting for their engagement session. Katie shared with me..  "i had just gotten off of work, and was really tired, but he wanted to go sailing, so how could I say no to such a sweet man. Little did I know this little sailing trip would be the best day of my life..." 
Katie and Forest, I had the best afternoon with you two. Thank you for treating me for a little sailing ride and glimpse into your love story! I know the wedding is going to be amazing, and looking forward to it in just over a month!! YAY!

Much joy!

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Hi Friends!
This session was a perfect little picture of summer! I met Ellen and Dave at their favorite parks to hike with their puppy Cayenne, and no more then 5 minutes in, I could see exactly why it was their favorite. Spectacular views with a deep breath of fresh air, and two people who adore each other made for a perfect for an a summer evening. 
Ellen and Dave, it was truly one of those sessions that was more fun than work and for that I have you two to thank!! Hope you enjoy these photos and  certainly can not wait til the wedding!!


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