Hi there, 
Caroline and Steven are just adorable! I enjoyed every minute getting to know them better during their engagement session. They are so full of life and love......the kind of people you just feel good being around. And their love story feels like it is straight from a movie. Caroline grew up in the same neighborhood as Steven's cousin in Georgia. Steven grew up in California. They met a little over a year ago at Steven's cousin's wedding, hit it off, and have fallen in love with each other over the last year through their long distance relationship {California to Georgia.} I am thankful for the little glimpse into their life and their story and I can't wait to photograph their wedding this summer!

Taylor Wang says:

Beautiful couple! Beautiful pictures! You two are so blessed to be with each other. May the Lord continue to guide you, protect you, and bless you!!!

(02.04.15 @ 04:32 PM)
Taylor Wang says:

Beautiful couple, beautiful pictures!!

(02.04.15 @ 04:34 PM)
Michelle says:

Steven you and Caroline make such a lovely couple thank you for sharing these with me. I wish you guys the best cant wait to see the wedding pics.

(02.06.15 @ 03:03 PM)
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Hi friends!!
Its another rainy day here in atlanta. Its really hard to not want to stay in my pj's and snuggle with a good book. But, I am trying to stay on top of the studio and working hard to be all caught up. So if you think about me, send some "You can do it!" thoughts and prayers. 

I had met Brian and Ashley at one of my favorite shooting locations in atlanta. It was a very cold day in december, but these two braved the chill for their engagement session. Snuggling with each other helped with the cold and for making cute photos. 
Brian and Ashley, hope you enjoy these sweet moments. Thank you for allowing me a glimpse into your love story! Can't wait til March!! 


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It felt like we almost had the park to ourselves for Natalie and Paul's engagement session at Piedmont Park.  The chorus of tubas playing in the background throughout the entire session reminded us we were not alone and kept up cracking up the whole time! Natalie and Paul are easy going and are clearly thrilled to be doing life together. I loved getting to know them more during our walk through the park on this lovely Fall afternoon. I look forward to shooting their wedding this Fall!


Renee DeVito says:

Beautiful pictures, taken in the perfect setting! Their loves shines through in each shot.

(01.07.15 @ 05:58 PM)
Donna Joe says:

Oh these are just beautiful! Such love! Couldn't be happier, Carrie!

(01.07.15 @ 09:10 PM)
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Hi Friends!!
Oooh, there is a light at the end of the tunnel... I am just seeing it. Its so hard getting through the queue of sessions. This season has been so full, that Im having to skip some blogging because I know how much they want their photos in time for the holidays. I hate not sharing the holiday adorableness, so I am beyond excited to finally be blogging this adorable couples engagement session. 
I had met these two over coffee and we talked about a giant spectrum of things from the wedding plans to their families to the sweet pup champ. I just loved getting to know them then, and even more during the session. We went back and forth over location ideas, and I know how hard it is to choose the perfect spot. I do know. I put my family in front of the camera, and the thought process of when where what, is definitely overwhelming. I remind myself and my clients to start by finding genres of places that you know would allow you to be comfortable and yourselves. Right now, I couldnt image taking my four girls that are under the age of 9 any where near downtown. I would be so afraid of one of my girls running in the street, or putting their hand prints all over a pretty store front. So, right now, that wouldn't be the best for us. Or, for my couples that are a little introverted and camera shy, having people everywhere might not help you relax or come out of your shell. But, then walking through wispy grass when you want to be wearing high heels might not be the right fit either. So, you start with a genre. Then start narrowing down to a type of space that can allow for an activity or a space that helps accentuate things you love. Going for walks, taking a picnic, apple picking, river walking, eating ice cream, having a cup of coffee, playing the banjo, or going for a swim. Because if you are in your element, doing the things you love, I promise you'll forget about the camera, and we will see the real you. Which is the ultimate goal. So, I know these two they chose a beautiful spot with some rustic features, some elements of nature and the season, a perfect place for them to take their pup for a walk, and lovely spot for a picnic. I think it was totally them. 
Kyle and Andrew, just loved our time together! Thank you so much for a fun afternoon and can't wait to the wedding in March!! 

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Hi friends!!
Its the day before thanksgiving, and we are packing up again to spend some time with friends at the lake. So, unpacking, repacking, seems like the story of my life lately. I did want to sneak in one more blog post before the holiday. I thought Allie and Jason's was a perfect one because they were just so wonderful and I loved the way their engagement photos turned out. They were adorable, totally in love, I loved the light, and best of all this was all taken in Allie's neighborhood which is where the wedding will be as well! So, I loved getting a glimpse of what to expect next September. 
Allie and Jason, you both are two lovely individuals. I can see exactly why God has you both together, and I am beyond thankful to have witnessed just a glimpse into your hearts. 
Hope you enjoy these photos and a very a happy thanksgiving!!
Much joy!

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